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Hello, my name is Antonio Harris from Fayetteville, NC... Home of Fort Bragg!  I would first like to give an honor to God for providing me with an opportunity to live my dream by owning my own kennel.  I would like to thank my family, friends, and especially Marcus Sellers (Team Sellers ALL DAY!!!).  Theo Kefalas is another person I specifically would like to thank for helping me with everything pertaining to the dogs.

My primary goal is producing great quality and temperamental  XXL BULLY PIT BULLS.  A wise man once told me, “It’s for the love of the dogs, but it’s also a business.”  I love my bullies and on my page you will see me interacting with them.  I am located outside of Fayetteville, NC where I have plenty of land to allow my bullies to interact within themselves and others.

 I also will be providing access to a 3 week training services which may provide on leash, off leash, and protection training.  The training will include having your puppy (at least four months) or adult dog trained in one or multiple areas.  I am also looking into having some of my bullies trained in other domestic areas such as aiding and police work.   I breed dogs because I want to change the reputation of a bully pit bull.  I hope to achieve being a successful well known breeder on the east coast.

Xtreme Blue Kennels' first litter began with the mating of Mclovin and Cabba.  She had seven puppies and is a great first time mother.  She delivered on March 13th 2012.  It was my first experience with seeing a bully give live birth and clean her young.  As all first time mothers  it’s been a learning experience but she’s been very instinctive in taking care of her first litter.  She had all her puppies in about four hours.

When I first got started, I was given some XXL bullies to take care for a friend. As time went on the dogs grew more and more on to me.  I always had a passion for dogs but never had the funds to purchase them. I wanted to know more and more about starting my own kennel. So my big brother (Marcus Sellers) and I came together and started our own kennel.  

  XBK'S Zues loving his new family... 

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